Containerisation and Docker

The software industry is moving to containers. Every software developer should learn at least the basics of containers to stay up to date – and because containers make developers’ lives a lot easier.

Gone are the days of monolith applications in a single environment with long development cycles and poor scalability. This is the era of microservice architecture in multiple environments that allow fast iterative improvements in development cycles of just one to two weeks.

Docker is currently the most widely used technology for containerisation. It allows developers to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

In May 2021 we at Montel Intergalactic organised a workshop for Mimmit Koodaa girls' coding community. The topic of the hands-on coding workshop was “Introduction to Docker and containers” and it was designed for all intermediate level developers comfortable with using command line and with some web development experience. I was the trainer at the workshop and was super happy to have 50 enthusiastic developers online with me.

If you are interested in familiarising yourself with Docker and containerisation, you can watch the recording of the workshop. I will guide you through the basics of what Docker is and how it works (compared to the traditional servers) and teach you how to use and build Docker images as well as how to run Docker containers. Basically, you can play with Docker yourself following my step-by-step instructions. All you need to do beforehand is to create an account at DockerHub before the workshop and take a nice position in your chair.

Thanks for reading and watching! If you are interested in hearing how our DevOps experts could help you to run your apps in containers, please don’t hesitate to contact  our sales team,, and we will organise a free consultation meeting.

Constanza Escobar

Constanza “Coni” Escobar is a Chilean software developer living in Helsinki. Coni is specialised in Python and Django development, and also loves to work with Docker and Kubernetes.

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