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Montel Intergalactic blog. Tips, views and stories from our software gurus, DevOps masterminds, and other experts.

Our Health and Wellness Technology projects

By Jussi

Lucid Pull Requests

By Arslan

Are You a DevOps Wizard?

By Arslan

Designers, tech-heads and a bunch of strangers for forest conservation

By Elina

Software development to fight climate change

By Elina

Intergalactic Kubernetes projects

By Toni

Montel Intergalactic Superpowers

By Elina

Public procurement, a resource's perspective.

By Teemu

Working with international apps

By Alex

Parenting Kubernetes

By Ville

(Can We) Compensate

By Elina

Upcloud Meet Rancher

By Lauri

Wedding Day Kubernetes

By Ville


By Lauri
Tags: references

Love Story Kubernetes

By Ville