Montel Intergalactic

is a software company focused on solving data-intensive problems.

The company was founded by three seasoned professionals with an aim to bring success and happiness to both our clients and employees.

Measurable, self-organized work, careful selection of modern tools and technologies, and customer closeness are the cornerstones of getting things done the Montel-way.

Montel Projects

Getting things right from the get-go all the way to the IPO.

Well-organized and hassle-free work flow with no beginners mistakes - as we are not beginners.

Business-driven design

From service design to wireframes and visual identities.

Ironclad software development

From frontend to Python APIs, Node.js and Elixir implementations. From PostgreSQL clusters to Cloud DevOps.

Top-tier client support

Long-term client relationships and A-level service.


Your DevOps team in the cloud

Your key people need to focus on shipping features and hacking growth, not on the SaaS tooling and operations challenges that others are solving.

Outshining your competition in CloudOps won't guarantee success but failure can drive your business to the ground. Remember that optimizing your server infrastructure, developing good security practises and ensuring 24/7 availability are not your core business.

Creating a stable, scalable infrastructure

is less about creativity than it is about hard earned experience.

With a fixed expense plan we take over your critical services and deliver best practises - tried and tested in our day-to-day - for security, continuous integration and service.

MontelCare Gold starting from 4.000€/m

  • 24/7 monitoring for 1-5 services or a system of similar level of complexity.
  • Regular hours of operation: 7-17 GMT
  • 60 minute guaranteed dev reaction time
  • 2 days per month of senior developer time for improving your platform
  • 3 response work hours

MontelCare Platinum ask us for pricing

  • 24/7 monitoring for 1-10 services or a system of similar level of complexity
  • Regular hours of operation: 7-19 GMT with 24/7 extension option
  • 40 minute guaranteed dev reaction time
  • 3 days per month of dedicated developer time for improving your platform
  • 5 response work hours

All plans include

  • Service and log monitoring
  • Guaranteed reaction time
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Dedicated developer team with single point of contact (Slack & Email)
  • Regular CTO consultation on deployment, security and architecture planning

Our team

has decades of experience creating international startups, working with large enterprises and in teams of all sizes.

Agnostic but opinionated about platforms and technologies.

Tommi Raivio
Jussi Sarkkinen
Lauri Kainulainen
Jukka Välimaa
Juha "Sumppi" Kaunisto
Ari Flinkman
Elina Harju
Oskari Peltonen
Mikko Tuominen
Santtu Lintervo
Mikko Ahonen
Pekka Lampila
Ville Pouhula
Teemu Sundell
Anna-Maria "Ansku" Rusi
Erno Palonheimo
Lewis Jackson
Tommi Kaikkonen

Our clients

include successful startups, high performance sales and marketing organizations, electronic health care pioneers and perhaps soon you too?

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Click the message button at the bottom right corner, and let's talk. Or we are also happy to respond to your emails and calls.

Our mothership is located in the historic Grand Fennia building, in the middle of downtown Helsinki, Finland.



Montel Intergalactic Oy.
Mikonkatu 17 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
VAT ID FI27843577.

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