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Montel Intergalactic

Your technology partner for the cloud and beyond.


Montel Intergalactic

is your technology partner for the modern world. We provide reliable Cloud DevOps / SRE services and top quality software development.

Measurable, self-organized work, careful selection of modern tools and technologies, and customer closeness are the cornerstones of getting things done the Montel-way.

Our experienced experts

deliver high quality software systems ranging from ERP solutions to data-mining tools and eHealth services.

About our software services


is our enterprise-level care-taking solution that lets you focus on your core business and leave scaling the infrastructure to us. We make sure your services are online 24/7 and offer an optimal user experience. So why not stop rewriting your infra and focus on growing your business.

We are flexible to your needs. Just pick the plan that best serves your business.

About MontelCare - cloud devops made easy

Our cloud DevOps

service portfolio encompasses the whole infrastructure modernisation journey. Cloud migration, containerisation, Kubernetes setup and an automated CI/CD pipeline on a flexible project basis.

Read more about the journey to a better infrastructure from our page:

Path to cloud modernisation

Our clients

include successful startups, high performance sales and marketing organizations, electronic health care pioneers and perhaps soon you too.


We are certified to manage your cloud.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Google Cloud Certified

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