Flutter for Cross-Platform Mobile Development

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Flutter, our favourite mobile development kit.

Flutter is a UI software development kit that allows for very fast development of beautiful native apps. We have several Flutter experts in our team and also manage a meetup group of about 250 Flutter enthusiasts in Finland. (Visit and join the group: www.meetup.com/Helsinki-Flutter-Meetup-Group/.)

To share our love, thoughts and tips for Flutter, and also hear about the experiences of fellow Flutter developers we organised a Q & A webinar All You Ever Wanted to Know about Flutter. The webinar was organised together with SOK.

Before the event we collected questions from the participants and our Flutter experts prepared answers to these questions. Also, we got plenty of new interesting questions from the audience during the event. The experts answering the questions were Lauri Kainulainen, Jussi Sarkkinen and Falgun Swami from our team, and Amnuaychai Poosri aka. Boss from SOK.

If you want to see the recording of the whole event (lightly edited for a bit faster flow) please click here. If you rather browse the content and pick the pieces you want to see, keep reading. The slides of the event and the code for the demo are in a GitLab repository: gitlab.com/flutter-meetup.

Discussion about our favourite libraries to support Flutter development:

How to bridge native code with Flutter? How to integrate Flutter into existing native apps?

What does Flutter need to become Mainstream?

Web and desktop development with Flutter:

Work estimates for Flutter development:

Architecture and best practices for Flutter development:

Database use with Flutter:

Discussion about React Native vs Flutter. Which one will win the battle?

The Future of Flutter...?

Flutter ecosystem, it's level of maturity and what libraries it has.

About Flutter Development Experience:

If you are still hungry for more Flutter talk visit our YouTube channel. There are a few more shorter video clips as well as the recording of the whole event.

If you are interested in attending our next Flutter event, or organsing it with us, please don't forget to join our group www.meetup.com/Helsinki-Flutter-Meetup-Group/.

To read more about our mobile development know-how visit our website montel.fi/mobile-development​ or contact our  our sales team, myynti@montel.fi.

Also, we want to give shout-out to the video meeting platform Whereby that provided us a great quality easy-to-access video meeting with screen share and recording.

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