Software development to fight climate change

What can we do with 10 000€?

It is our shared responsibility to act for the climate and the well being of the Earth. We all know that but it is not easy to make a real, tangible impact, to go beyond recycling and turning off the lights. Especially when being busy with creating software that makes our clients happy.

We have since day one thought about how to do responsible business. Of course. We have given our support to the local sports culture and hobby opportunities for kids (an ongoing pro bono project for Westend Indians sports club), donated our Christmas presents to Unicef, and compensated our flights by conserving old forest in Finnish Lapland.

Then what next?

Time to ask for help.

We got inspired by the great climate actions happening around the world during the international climate week, and the climate strikes where people from all over the world showed their support to the climate movement. This felt like perfect timing for us to roll up our sleeves and act for the climate too. However, WE are NOT experts on climate actions but instead experts on software development. Luckily, there are others who are.

So we decided to collect ideas. And also, to make a greater impact we also asked our friends from Idean to join. Happily, they were super excited about the idea and with just one day notice joined the campaign.

Together we reached for NGOs, companies and organisations to share their ideas of software projects in Facebook and in LinkedIn, ideas which our software developers together with Idean’s service and UX designers could execute pro bono. The project being consultation and software service development worth 10 000€ + the service design contribution by experts from Idean.

Ideas, please!

Now we are collecting ideas for a week, until Friday 4th of October, and will then choose the best idea for the project. The best idea will be the one that is feasible to be created with 10 000€ + service design effort, and has the best potential for great impact.

As our CEO Lauri put it: Let’s be creative and build together something novel with high-impact, something more than just another blog or plain website. 10k€ is not a whole lot in the software development world, but it’ll be enough to build a working prototype or such and get us on the path of creating an impact. And every step in the right direction counts, right?

At the decision-making table will gather Montel’s software specialists, Idean’s design specialist and, as a special guest, a climate specialist, environmentalist and policymaker Leo Stranius. (Thanks Leo, your expertise is highly appreciated!)

The chosen project will be kicked off in October for further planning and will be executed in the first half of 2020.

Elina Harju

Head of Communications & Recruitment

While making sure Montel feels intergalactic for its people and those who don't know us yet, Elina is also gradually navigating Montel's coffee fueled space shuttle towards greener future.

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