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Your DevOps team in the cloud

Your people need to focus on growing your business, not on the cloud management and infrastructure upgrades.

Optimising server infrastructure, developing good security practices and ensuring 24/7 availability are probably not your core business. But it's our core business.

Creating a stable, scalable infrastructure

is less about creativity than it is about hard earned experience.

MontelCare is our managed cloud service for you. With a fixed expense plan we take over your critical services and deliver best practices - tried and tested in our day-to-day - for security, continuous integration and service.

Our experienced global team of DevOps engineers

is alert 24/7, monitoring your services with a max. 60 minutes guaranteed response time.

We are flexible to your business needs.

Our fixed monthly plan ensures continuous operation as well as often overlooked continuity to the infra development. Improvements and fixes are shaped into easily understandable projects with work estimates: these can be acquired at the right time. You will also have priority access to our growing family of DevOps and SRE experts.

Being a MontelCare customer also grants access to our product portfolio. Montel's cloud DevOps service portfolio encompasses the whole infrastructure modernisation journey. From cloud migration, containerisation, Kubernetes setup and an automised CI/CD pipeline, we offer help on a flexible project basis. Our experts are always happy to give a quick review of your current situation and advise on the best steps for you over a coffee, just drop a line. Read more about the joyrney to a better infrastructure from our page:

path to cloud modernisation

Kubernetes is the latest development to take the infrastructure world by storm. Many of our clients have made the shift to a self-healing, easily scalable cluster infrastructure. We have Certified Kubernetes Administrators experienced in running Kubernetes in various different hosted cloud environments as well as setting up our own.

Kubernetes for application orchestration

In our team we also have Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architects and experts of OpenShift and Rancher, our current favorite technologies for managing Kubernetes clusters. Get in contact to hear more.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Google Cloud Certified

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