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Cloud modernisation

The path to a modern, efficient, scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure
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Get the best tips for containerization, cloud migrations, Kubernetes and Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for smooth path to modern infrastructure.

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Containers as the application medium

Modern encapsulation technologies such as Docker provide a very welcome addition to application deployment. Proper encapsulation allows developers to run identical code on their local machines and isolate errors before they crash your production system.

Containerize your applications

Cloud migration

You need to have the best infrastructure for your needs. As there are dozens of potential service providers out there, choosing the right one is a delicate process that depends on the requirements posed by your service. We are glad to help you pick the most suitable one.

Migrate to the best cloud for you

Kubernetes to manage your infrastructure

Kubernetes is the de-facto technology for application orchestration in the modern cloud infrastructure. Setting it up properly and making it do your bidding is not easy. Our guys are certified to handle it. Let us help you.

Kubernetes for application orchestration

Continuous Integration and Deployment

You now have a working infrastructure layer. Excellent. Now let’s focus on the application layer. A good CI/CD is a life-saver that will ensure your service won’t go down due to accidental bugs that are overlooked during development.


is the last leg on your path to a permanently modern, efficient, scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure. As a MontelCare client you can focus on your core business and leave the infrastructure monitoring, maintenance and development to our DevOps experts. We make sure your services are online 24/7 and offer an optimal user experience. Contact us to hear more about MontelCare.

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Download a comprehensive guide to cloud infrastructure modernisation: write your email below and submit.

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