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Montel Intergalactic
Is looking for

Are you ready to take off for an intergalactic adventure as a software developer or DevOps engineer?

You can be a shuttle ready to join our mother ship or just in the beginning of your professional runway. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we might have just the right position for you!

We montelieers form the A-team of technology. We want to have the happiest team members, most satisfied clients and awesomest adventures.

What do we offer?

For Finland-based Montelieers we also offer:

You can read more about our work culture from Montel Intergalactic Culture Handbook.


Find below some more detailed info of what we are currently looking for. However, don´t hesitate to contact us even if you don´t match with any of these! We might still need you to our team.

Apply now!

Apply preferably by following this link. You can also contact us by emailing Elina Please add to your application info about the techniques and tools you are most familiar and most inspired to work with, as well as about all the other hopes and wishes related to the job.

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Intergalactic Python developer

Our mothership might have a seat for you if you have...

MAGIC WORDS that should ring a bell for you...

Vue.js | React | Django | PostgreSQL

Intergalactic DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Montelieer, you’ll fix, maintain and develop resilient systems: Your daily work will include improving existing infrastructures further, as well as helping the clients when something goes wrong. In addition to DevOps work you will also participate in projectwork, creating new software features for our clients.

Our mothership might have a seat for you if you...

MAGIC WORDS that should ring a bell for you...

AWS | Kubernetes | CircleCI | Jenkins | Rancher


Don´t worry, we will pair you up with a co-worker so you don’t have to know everything when you start.


Put your space helmet tight on we´ll offer you plenty of opportunities to learn and challenge yourself.

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