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Your Technology partner

Our full-stack developers have decades of experience in designing and creating commercially successful software.

Our experts

deliver high quality software systems ranging from ERP solutions to data-mining tools, sensor technology and eHealth services. We are specialized in data-intensive software and deep tech challenges but also do high quality web and mobile development and mobile applications.

Our experienced full-stack developers will help your company to avoid the common pitfalls and sudden speed bumps on your path to the summit.

We master a variety of platforms and technologies, and will gladly help you choose the tools that best serve your needs, if need be. We have special love for Python but also master especially Javascript and Ruby. Django, Rails, Express and Phoenix are some of our weapons of choice what comes to frameworks. Vue and React are our favourites to create beautiful front ends. On the mobile development side we have grown accustomed to Flutter, React Native and Ionic. Just to name a few tools we master, and gladly use to unleash the full potential of your business.

Business-driven design

From service design to wireframes and visual identities

Ironclad software development

From frontend to Python APIs, Node.js and Elixir implementations. From PostgreSQL clusters to Cloud DevOps.

Top-tier client support

Long-term client relationships and A-level service

Measurable, self-organized

work, careful selection of modern tools and technologies, and customer closeness are the cornerstones of getting things done the Montel-way.

Our projects are billed flexibly on a day-to-day basis with real-time customer access to monitor progress. Our developers become a natural extension of your production team or help you build one from scratch.

We are globally distributed

company with professionals on three different continents. Despite the time of day there is always a Montelieer awake and working. This gives us a great edge not just in making sure things run smoothly 24/7 in MontelCare but also a constant pulse in our development efforts that helps us run major deployments and test features in the off-times of a particular market segment. When the Finnish team is wrapping up their day our Argentinian side takes over and continues.

Our cloud DevOps

service portfolio encompasses the whole infrastructure modernisation journey. From cloud migration, containerisation, Kubernetes setup and an automated CI/CD pipeline, we offer help on a flexible project basis. Read more about the journey to a better infrastructure from our page:

path to cloud modernisation

Even when the development projects are done our Cloud DevOps / SRE team is here for you. To make sure your services run smoothly 24/7 and your infrastructure is up to date we offer MontelCare, our infra monitoring and continuous development service.

About MontelCare - DevOps made easy

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