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We exist to create meaningful high-quality software. Have a closer look at a few types of development projects our seasoned and highly liked (CSAT 93) senior full-stack developers have worked on.


If you want to build a complete software system, you need full-stack developers who can manage the whole life cycle from wireframes to highly functional back ends, from design to production. Our full-stack developers have developed a number of systems with attractive, user-friendly front ends and modern, scalable back ends. To do so they are using a selection of the best modern technologies.

If you are looking for a developer to make you a simple website, there are plenty of digital agencies that were born to do that but we are not one of them. Our strengths lie in building more complex, often data-intensive, systems and applications. We were born to solve deep tech challenges. And we are doing it with great client satisfaction (CSAT 93, NPS 87).

Apart from web application developers, we also have experienced Flutter mobile application developers.

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An embedded system is a combination of a device's hardware and software, designed for a certain function or functions within a larger system. Many IoT applications, such as wearable devices, use sensor technology to collect and transmit data to a system.

To be able to create embedded systems, you need profound know-how on embedded system programming and experience in using measuring devices, such as logic analyzers and oscilloscopes. Also, comprehensive understanding of how electronics and embedded systems work is a must for the development process to succeed. Often embedded systems have real-time user interfaces and limited energy sources: characteristics that bring recurring challenges to the development work.

We have years of experience working with embedded system planning and development. Our experienced full-stack developers have worked with embedded systems and sensor technology for iXu Smart Touch Bear, martial arts wearable, TankTwo smart batteries and Dry Ice Finland a pipe and duct robot, for example.


An application programming interface (API) processes requests, delivers data and ensures seamless functioning of systems. API integration connects multiple applications to each other via their APIs.

For building APIs, you need a strong vision of what the application, service or platform requires and you need to translate that into simple contact points. To design great APIs, you also need solid understanding of how computers and servers interact, and moreover, a clear picture of the business domain in question. In addition, API design often requires taking into account several different services and the inter-operation between them.

Our full-stack developers have vast experience of designing, building and integrating both REST and GraphQL APIs. We are one of the five companies that meet the API development quality standards to deliver API solutions for The City of Helsinki.

We have delivered API design and integrations for MealLogger, Klinik Healthcare Solutions, Yeply, and the City of Helsinki, for example.

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