The company was founded originally by three coders looking to create something that would bring happiness to its employees and clients.

Montel Intergalactic

has since grown bigger.

Our team

has decades of experience creating international startups, working with large enterprises and in teams of all sizes.

Agnostic but opinionated about platforms and technologies.

Tommi Raivio
Jussi Sarkkinen
Lauri Kainulainen
Jukka Välimaa
Ari Flinkman
Elina Harju
Oskari Peltonen
Mikko "Tuba" Tuominen
Santtu Lintervo
Mikko Ahonen
Pekka Lampila
Ville Pouhula
Teemu Sundell
Anna-Maria "Ansku" Rusi
Lewis Jackson
Toni Röyhy
Libana Dzino
Muhammad Arslan
Alejandro "Alex" Ramírez
Teemu Kalvas
Mikko Sazonov
Erno Palonheimo
Tommi Kaikkonen

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Mikko "Tuba" Tuominen / Head of Sales

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Lauri Kainulainen / CTO

Montel Intergalactic Oy.
Mikonkatu 17 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
VAT ID FI27843577.


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