Trust in their Server Infrastructure Supports Metabite's Growth

When your digital service’s cloud infrastructure is in good hands, you can peacefully focus on developing the service and growing your business. Metabite, a new-era nutrition coaching application, has taken significant steps toward global markets. Thanks to the collaboration with Montel, the Metabite team has been able to focus on developing their service, while MontelCare ensures the smooth and uninterrupted operation of their application.

Wellness Foundry, a pioneer in digital nutrition coaching, has been a client of Montel Intergalactic since 2018. Their services, MealLogger and Metabite, are revolutionizing the nutrition industry and aiming for rapid growth and internationalization. They are collaborating with interesting operators such as the Game Changers Institute, PLANTSTRONG and Helsinki Planetary Health Hub.

The MontelCare service provided to Metabite guarantees 24/7/365 technical support for the service’s cloud infrastructure. Montel has also built a bulletproof cloud infrastructure for Metabite, ensuring the uninterrupted usability and high level of security of the applications. In addition, Montel's team has been involved in various other projects, from mobile application development to backend development and multiple integrations.

Service Interruptions Can Cause Serious Problems

Service interruptions can bring huge problems to digital services that need to be available for their users 24/7. They disrupt customers' interaction with the application and can have an extensive impact on customer satisfaction and the company's reputation. Users rely on the continuous accessibility of the application and may experience frustration and uncertainty if the service does not work. This can even increase the risk of customer loss. In addition, restoring the system and fixing the root cause leads to additional costs and requires valuable time.

The continuous technical support and monitoring available through the MontelCare service has been invaluable for Metabite. Montel's team of experts has ensured that Metabite's cloud infrastructure was built robustly and always stays stable and operational. Metabite's CEO, Michael Quarshie, emphasizes the high quality of Montel’s service:

"We have been pleased to work with Montel. The team is competent and responds quickly, meaning that we receive support and expertise whenever we need it."

He also mentions that Montel's flexibility and high-level expertise have been decisive for their business.

MontelCare is Trusted by Digital Businesses

Co-founder Jussi Sarkkinen is rightly pleased with Metabite's success and the long-term relationship.

"MontelCare was created to support the type of digital business that Metabite represents. They are growing rapidly and require seamless operation of cloud infrastructure. We are proud to offer reliable solutions that help our customers grow."

If you have a business critical service that requires high availability, I recommend you book a meeting with me through this link. Let’s talk and find out how our MontelCare service could free your development resources from developing and monitoring your cloud infra to growing your business.

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